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Bryce Canyon

Saturday, July 4th, 2009



We decided to explore Bryce Canyon. We have explored just about every other attraction in the four corners area and we just could not leave this wild and exotic place without exploring Bryce.

Last week we explored Valley of the Gods. This week

We left the Valley of the Gods behind and traveled down ST-163. We passed through Kayenta population 5000. ST-163 ended in ST-160. We took St-160 to Tuba city population 8000. St 160 ended in ST -89. We took ST-89 to Freedonia population 1050 then to Kanab population 3560 then to Orderville population 600 then to Glendale population 2000. We went through Hatch and Hillsdale and then we were at ST-12. We took St 12  which goes through red canyon. It is called red canyon because of the many red sandstone formations. We went through Red rock arch and Strabentunnel. We saw a formation called Salt and Pepper and another arch tunnel. Finally we arrived at 63 which is the park road that follows Bryce Canyon.

Once on 63 we saw many side roads that branched off into the side canyons. If you are looking for a real wild and steep wilderness area this is the place. It is just an amazing place. Wind and water over millions of years has transformed the red sandstone into all sorts of strange designs. You look out over it and see formations as far as the eye can see. It is just so overwhelming that you do not know which direction to look at first.

We took 63 all the way until it ended in a parking lot overlooking wilderness valley. There were many steep and sheer cliffs along the way. The road made a lot of twists and turns. each turn brought another out of this world view. Some of the red sandstone formations had bleached white toppings on them. These are called Hoodoo’s. They looked like someone made a fanciful dessert and then put a cream topping on them.

We spent several days hiking through the canyons and looking at all the fantastic shapes in the red sandstone. Finally we headed back down St-12 past the Bryce airport. This airport normally lands only small planes but it has a long runway just in case a large plane has an emergency and needs to land. It is the only long runway airport in hundreds of miles. At 7395 feet in length all but the largest jets can land. An American MD 82 passenger jet flying from Denver to LA made a safe emergency landing on October 6 2000. they were glad the airport was there when they had smoke in the cockpit.

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