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The High Sierras

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

High Sierras

High Sierras

We left Independence after looking at the old steam

engine 18 that has been on display since 1954.

We went through black rock ditch and headed north on state 395. We went through Aberdeen, Fish Springs, and Big Pine.

Wild herds of elk grazed by the highway. Farmers irrigated their fields with circular irrigation machines. solitary cabins and barns showed the ravages of time in the Alpine enviroment. The Snowcapped mountains and the westward setting sun combined with a few clouds in the sky to form fantastic colorful Sunsets.

On our left the snow capped Sierras stretched on and on. We entered Owens Valley and passed the Cal Tech radio observatory with all the big dish antennas. We stopped for lunch in Bishop a town of about 3600 people. State route 395 turned northwest.

Snow capped Mt Tom greeted us. We drove along through Alpine valleys passed through Wheeler Ridge and admired Crowley Lake on our right. We passed McGee mountain. It was late in the afternoon so we stopped for the night at Wally and Jo’s motel.

The next morning we headed into the Mammoth lake region. We took the June lake loop and passed June lake and a couple other lakes. Back on 395 we passed the Geothermal plant and came to the Town of Lee Vining. This town is at the 6781 foot level and around 500 people live there. We turned west on Tioga Pass road and went through Gibbs canyon.

We passed Mt Dane and came to Ellery Lake. These are high glacier feed lakes that have water just a few degrees above freezing even in the summer. We came to the Yosemite entrance after clinging to the mountainside on a twisting and winding road that is closed in winter. we passed Tioga lake and headed into Yosemite.

We passed Mt Hoffman, El Capitan, and Half Dome. Yosemite begins at 2000 feet and goes to 13,114 feet. There are some 800 miles of trails along with numerous thundering water falls.

The High Sierras are low in population because of terrain. High Craggy mountains greet you and wild untamed natural beauty surrounds you.

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