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Lake Henshaw

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

Lake Henshaw

Lake Henshaw

  Lake Henshaw

 At the base of Palomar mountain where state route 76 and state route 79 intersect lies a lake called Henshaw. On the other side of state route 76 across from the lake is a small general store, a restaurant, and a campgrounds. Located 60 miles east of Oceanside in northern San Diego county in a picturesque valley, Lake Henshaw is an enjoyable place to relax and escape the tension of the big city.




Built in 1923 as a source of water for the avocado and citrus crops in the Vista Valley, the first water from the lake  flowed to the thirsty crops in 1926. Originally part of the Warner ranch, the lake became part of the newly formed Vista irrigation district.

During the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s the lake was a popular destination for celebrities like John Wayne, Will Rodgers, and others. During the height of the lakes popularity, there were docks for over 300 fishing boats.


Concerns for the safety of the lake lead to notching the dam and lowering the lake level. The lake became smaller and the visitors declined. The lake facilities went into disrepair and trash collected. Spill over from the dam took out the east grade bridge to Palomar Mountain.


Eventually renewed interest in the Lake lead to cleaning up the lake area. The campgrounds, restaurant, and store were fixed up and the cabins were renovated. The East grade bridge was rebuilt.


Recently the Indians in Santa Isabel built a new casino on the mountain overlooking the lake valley. Whether renewed tourist activity will make Lake Henshaw a popular weekend destination like it once was only time will tell. When economic times get hard like they are now becoming, inexpensive local travel destinations tend to thrive. People need a place to get away from all there problems if only for a day or two and Lake Henshaw is one of those places.




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