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Valley of the Gods

Saturday, June 27th, 2009



We left grand lake Colorado and headed south to         I -70. At Interstate 70, we headed west  and drove until we reached Crescent Junction, Utah. We turned South on Utah 191 and drove until we reached Utah 163 just outside of Bluff Utah We headed west on 163 then turned on a dirt road FR 242.

FR 242 is a dirt 17 mile long road that takes you through Valley of the Gods. There are many places to camp along the road. This is a smaller version of Monument Valley. The valley is not as well known so there are fewer visitors. It is a place where you can enjoy all the fantastic formations and not have to worry about how many people are ahead of you .

The red sandstone formations have colorful names like Rudolph, Santa Claus, Setting hen, and Lady in a bathtub.  Navajo legend describes the formations as ancient warriors frozen in time. The whole area lies on BLM land and is in a pristine natural state.

At the entrance to the park is the Valley of the Gods bed and Breakfast. It is owners by Gary and Claire Dorgan and they are the unofficial caretakers of the park. This is the only food or lodging for 30 miles.

The ranch house boasts a 75 foot porch where weary travelers can rest and enjoy the scenery. The stone walls are 2 feet thick and provide good insulation no matter what the weather. Power is provide by solar panels and a wind turbine. Water is hauled in several times a week and placed in a 2700 gallon cistern. Each guest room has a quilt on the bed and it’s own stone shower.

The town of Bluff is the only other settlement that is close. About 300 people live in Bluff. The town is on the San Juan river and most of the towns people are artists or river guides. The town is home to the Twin Rocks Cafe. They serve a dish called Navaho Tacos. It is like taking taco fixings and putting them on a donut. It is very tasty and definitely something different.

At the end of the valley is a 1200 foot mesa. This area is rich in Anastazi ruins. If you turn on a radio you can here the Navajos speaking their native tongue. We spent several days exploring the valley and Mesa then it was time to move on. It seems that no matter which way you go out here eventually you end up back at the Colorado. Next week we travel into Nevada to see if we can find any interesting things to do besides going to casinos. See everyone next week.

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