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Lone Pine and Mt Whitney

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

Mt Whitney

Mt Whitney

We left Death Valley on state route 190 and followed the road until it joined state route 136. We took state route 136 to Lone Pine.

Lone Pine

Lone Pine has a population of 1655 and is at 3727 feet in elevation. The town is the gateway to Mt Whitney, Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon , and Death Valley. The town is the home of the Beverly and Jim Rogers Museum. This Museum chonicles the different films made in and around the town of Lone Pine.

Lone Pine has hot summers 90+ F and cold winters 20’s F. The town began in 1861 and had a post office in 1870. You can see Mt Whitney towering over the town.

We spent the night in Lone Pine at one of the many motels that line the main street. The next day we headed west on Mt Whitney Portal road. We crossed 2 main California aqueducts and eventually dead ended in a turn around at the beginning of the Mt Whitney ascent trail.

Mt Whitney

The mountain towers over the town of Lone Pine and is the tallest mountain in the lower 48 states at 14,505 feet. The mountain was first climbed in 1864 by a Us geological survey team. It was named after Josiah Whitney the state Geologist at the time. Three fishermen from Lone Pine climbed the mountain in august 1873. A trail was built and completed in July 1904. The first fatality  occured 4 days later when a fish and game employee, Byrd Surby was struck by lightning while eating his lunch on the summit.

A small cabin was built on the summit. This is called the Smithsonian shelter and it was completed in 1909. Rain and snow falling on the mountain run off in two directions since the mountain is on the continental divide. The eastern side flows down into Owens Valley and out into the desert. The western side flows down and on into the Pacific. There are several waterfalls on the way down.

We finished our tour of the Mt Whitney Portal then went back into Lone Pine for dinner. We headed north on State 395 and stopped for the night in the town of Independence.


Independence is a town of 574 people and is at 3930 feet in elevation. Charles Putnam established a trading post in 1861. Fort Independence was built in 1865 to protect the settlers from Indian attacks. We stopped for the night at the Independence Courthouse motel. Next week we will continue our jouney.

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