Point Loma and Sunset Cliffs

Old Point Loma Lighthouse

Old Point Loma Lighthouse

The north west end of San Diego Bay has a peninsula known as Point Loma. The center of the Peninsula is about 400 feet above sea level. The land slopes down to San Diego Bay on the East and slopes down to the Pacific Ocean on the West. The end of the peninsula is home to Cabrillo Lighthouse ,Fort Rosecrans National cemetery and Point Loma Nazarene University.


Point Loma and San Diego Bay were discovered by Juan Cabrillo in 1542. It was 1769 before before any other Europeans visited. The bayside area was the first to be settled. It was at the end of the La Playa trail and was were supplies for the mission in San Diego were unloaded. The federal government and the US Navy own the south western 1/3 of Point Loma

Point Loma is famous for the Cabrillo national monument and the old Point Loma lighthouse. The Lighthouse was built in 1854 and was used until 1891. Fog obscured the light hose on many occasions and finally a new lighthouse was built on the west side closer to the beach.

Point Loma Peninsula is home to several different communities. On the north is Ocean Beach and Loma Portal. Planes taking off from Lindbergh Airport make Loma Portal a noisy place to live. Ocean Beach has many small shops and kind of a hippie type culture. In recent years attempts have been made to clean and spruce up Ocean Beach. Farther down the peninsula are Point Loma on the western side and La Playa, Point Loma village, and Liberty station.

La Playa has many expensive homes some even have their own docks where expensive yachts are tied up.  Point Loma Village is the commercial part of the peninsula and includes shelter island with the many hotels and clubs.

The west side of Point Loma Peninsula end in sheer 100 foot cliffs known as Sunset Cliffs. These have a few secluded beaches and even a few sea caves. There is a small park just before the Federal land starts. life moves with a little slower pace on this end of the peninsula and it make s a nice place to get away from the fast pace lifestyle that is the rest of San Diego.

The northern boundary of the Point Loma peninsula is the San Diego River. Dog beach is in the southern end of the San Diego river and the Pacific Ocean. Across the river are the communities of Mission Beach and Pacific Beach. These communities have their own bay called Mission bay. This is where most of the water sports in San Diego take place and even Sea World is there.

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