This week we traded the east coast of Mexico and Monterrey for the west coast of Mexico and Mazatlan. We crossed over the desert and Mazatlan looked like a jewl by the water as we drove into town.

Until 1829 Mazatlan was just a small fishing village inhabited by native Indians. Machado, a Philippine banker arrived and by 1836 the fishing village  was a commercial port of about 5000 people.

Mazatlan is also the second city to be aerial bombed from a biplane during the Mexican revolution 1910 to 1917. The bomb was a couple sticks of dynamite wrapped in leather with a bunch of nails. The bomb killed a couple people.

During the California gold rush miners would land on the east coast of Mexico make their way to Mazatlan and sail to San Francisco.  The American Army occupied the city briefly during the Mexican American war 1846 - 1848.

Mazatlan put up the first lighthouse called El Faro in 1879. The lens was crafted in Paris. Today the lighthouse has a 1000 watt revolving light.

The movie industry discovered Mazatlan in the 1940’s ,1950’s, and 1960’s with stars like John Wayne, Gary Cooper, and John Huston.

Hotels and resorts sprung up. During the 1970″s Mazatlan went into decline as newer cities like Cancun, Cabo, and Puerto Vallarta came into their own. Now that the century has turned, interest has returned and all the old resorts houses and hotels are being modernized and restored.

From sun warmed beaches to divers that jump off of tall cliffs, Mazatlan has a little of everything.

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