Carlsbad Caverns

Carlsbad Caverns Entrance

Carlsbad Caverns Entrance

Last week we were in Yuma, This week we headed east into New Mexico. We traveled into the Guadalupe mountains and visited Carlsbad Caverns National Park. The caverns are 18 miles (29 km) from the town of Carlsbad, New Mexico on State 62. Two third of the park has been set aside as a wilderness area to keep it in it’s natural state. The park is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The majority of visitors arrive in the summer from memorial day until the 4th of July.

The main chamber is 4000 feet ( 1219 meters ) long and 625 feet ( 190.5 meters) wide and 350 feet (107 meters) high.

Most people visit the main chamber called the Show Room either by descending the narrow switchback trail or by riding the elevator. The main chamber is 750 feet  (230 meters) down. Once in the main room there are six other paid guided tours that can be taken depending on day and time of day you arrive. The other tours range in cost from $7 to $20.

The many rooms and objects were named by Jim White who explored the caverns with his homemade wire ladder from the late 1880’s until he died in 1946. During his lifetime most people thought White was making up the stories about the caverns. Today the rooms and objects bare the names that he gave them in his solitary exploration. You will find on your tour, The big room, the kings palace, the queen’s chamber, the papoose room,the New Mexico room, and the green lake room. you will also find formations like, the rock of ages,the giant dome, the totem pole, the iceberg rock, the bottomless pit, fairyland and the Temple of the sun.

The caves were declared a national monument in 1923 by president Calvin Coolidge. the caverns became a national park in 1930.

New rooms and caves are continually being found in the area and now number 116. Some of the newer rooms are the Balloon Ballroom, the Guadalupe room (1966), the Bifrost room (1982), the Chocolate High (1993).

Some rooms are difficult to get to like the Balloon Ballroom. This room was first explored by tying balloons to a rope. It is in the ceiling of the main entrance hall. The Bi-Frost room in the ceiling above the lake of clouds with it’s many oxide stained formations

The new section is still being discovered there are many fissures in this room. The new section is east of the white giant and is parallel to the bat room.

In the 1950’s a cafeteria was built and called the underground lunchroom. It is close to the elevators.

The caverns are a place of mystery and awe. You can spend days here and not see everything.

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