Santa Fe

Santa Fe pueblo

Santa Fe pueblo

Santa Fe  is the capital of New Mexico. It is the oldest of the State capitals and at 7199 feet (2134 meters)

also the highest in elevation. Qriginally it was a Pueblo Indian town from  1050 until the Spanish arrived in the late 1500’s. Santa Fe was founded by Don Pedro de Peralta in 1608 and became the capital of the New Mexico province in 1610.

The town was laid out with a large central square. The north side was the Palace of Governors. The east side was the cathedral basilica of St Francis of Asisi. The town kept it’s original pueblo adobe style. As settlers moved west in the 1800’s, Santa Fe became an important trading center. The southwestern trail was given the name the Santa Fe trail.

After a war with Mexico in 1846, Santa Fe became the capital of the New Mexico Territory in1848. In 1912 New Mexico became a state and Santa Fe was it’s capital.

Today Santa Fe is a arts and crafts center with a rich cultural heritage. There are 9 major museums and many more small art galleries. Today the central Santa Fe population is over 72,000. Art and sculpture collectors come from all over the world  come to Sante Fe for the many exhibits. Because of the Southwest native American influence, there are many amazing sculptures of animals on display.

Santa Fe has many music festivals and even has its own touring opera and ballet company. The Santa Fe performing arts center called the Lensic Center hosts world class orchestras,  Opera and ballet companies from around the world. Many world famous authors come to Santa F to be inspired.

Santa Fe is well represented in the sciences by the Santa Fe institute and Los Alamos nuclear research facility. Numerous scientific conferences are held in Santa Fe year round.

Temperatures range from a low of 15 F in January  to a high of 95 F in August and September. A nice time to visit the city is mid fall when the Aspens turn bright yellow. Santa Fe is a great place to visit and be inspired. Santa Fe makes the past come alive and makes a great place to unwind and relax from the stress and hectic pace of the modern world.

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