Crater Lake

Crater Lake and Wizard Island

Crater Lake and Wizard Island

Crater Lake is a deep caldera lake in Southern Oregon. The Caldera is 1958 feet ( 597 meters) deep and Crater Lake partially fills it. The caldera formed around 7700 BC when Mt Mazama erupted and then collapsed. The first European to see it was John Wesley Hillman in 1853.

A large tree called the old man of the lake has been bobbing vertically for more than a century. The cold water preserves it. The lake is 5 miles by 6 miles ( 8 km by 10 Km). The average depth is 1148 feet ( 350 m) with a maximum depth of 1949 feet ( 594 m). This great depth makes it the 9th deepest lake in the world.

The lake had no indigenous fish population but fish stocking from 1888 to 1941 has led to several self sustained fish populations. Scientists estimate it took the lake 720 years to fill. The lake is one of the purest in the world because it has no inlets.

The lake has an island called Wizard Island that has a small cone that releases mostly steam from thermal hot springs. There is also a rock formation in the lake that looks like a phantom ship.

The Klamath tribe of Indians regard the lake as a spiritual site. The tribe may have even witnessed the collapse of Mt Mazama. The Indian version of the story claims the sky god Skell and the underworld god Llao had a huge battle and they destroyed Mt Mazama. The tribe uses the lake and the walls of the caldera for vision quests. Those that survive the ordeal are regarded as spiritual.

Last week we explored Mt Shasta. This week we headed north into Oregon on route 97. We took route 62, better known as the the Crater Lake highway then the turnoff to Crater Lake. We arrived at Crater Lake lodge. This lodge has 71 rooms and was built in 1915 on the edge of the crater. It was renovated in 1995 in the style of the 1920’s.

We spent the week hiking and relaxing. we took one of the guided walk and also the 9:55 AM boat ride around the lake. This tour stopped at Wizard island and is one of only 2 tours per day that stops. We hiked around Wizard island for three hours then took the boat back to the lodge.To take a boat ride you descend about 700 feet into the crater and have to ascend 700 feet when you are climbing out.

The Lodge dining room was excellent and we enjoyed everything from mushrooms and berries to cheeses and fine wine. The dining room had a great view of the lake and a cozy fireplace took the chill off the early evening.

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