Laguna Mountain

Laguna Meadows

Laguna Meadows

Leaving the desert behind at the Desert View Tower we go west on Interstate 8 and climb over the first of 2 summits. We take the Sunrise Highway exit and head north. We twist and wind up the Highway and stop several times to take pictures at the scenic overlooks. We are now in the Cleveland National Forest. Pine trees, populars, and oaks appear. This is the highest point in San Diego county. It has the most rain and has four seasons. Soon we are in the little village of Laguna Mountain. There is a general store, post office, and trading post. There are 17 cabins and 12 motel units where you can stay in this peaceful and relaxing place. Across the street is the Blue Jay bar and restaurant. It has 4 more cabins that you can rent. Rental prices are reasonable at $55 to $180 a night depending on the size of the cabin and how many persons are staying.


The first inhabitants on Laguna Mountain were the Indians. They hunted, fished, camped, and gathered acorns and berries.The next settlers to Laguna mountain were the mountain men, then ranchers, miners and finally homesteaders. In 1891 the forest service began. Today Laguna Mountain is part of the Cleveland National forest and is just 1 of 155 forests in the United States. The forest service tries to see that the watershed is protected and the various uses of the forest are balanced through the use of permits and fees.


There are many activities to participate in on Laguna mountain. You can go hiking on trails ranging from 1 mile nature trails to 15 mile loops. You can go camping, mountain biking or horseback riding. In the winter you can go cross country skiing or go sledding. In the fall you can go hiking, mountain biking or horseback riding and see the leaves on the trees change colors to red orange yellow and gold.. There is even a place to go hang gliding. At the end of a long day it is time to relax in front of your fireplace in your cabin or at your campsite. You can forget about the world around you and just enjoy the quiet solitude of the forest.

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