Balloons and Wine

San Diego Balloons

San Diego Balloons

 Balloons in San Diego



Here in the desert we have many wonderful sunrises and sunsets. We can view them from the beach or a mountaintop and have a great experience but for the ultimate experience there is nothing like a balloon ride.


 Here in Southern California this thrilling form of transportation is available at 2 places. Temecula valley has the sunrise flights for $150 per person for an 8 person group flight. Flights are provided by D&D Ballooning.


Del mar has the sunset flight for $175 per person for a group flight. Flights are provided by Hot Air Both places offer more private flights but of course the cost is more  and depends on the number of passengers and the length of the flight.


Flying balloons are a common sight in southern California. They drift lazily across the landscape in groups of about 3 to 10. All of them are bright and multicolored with flares of light when the burner ignites to pump more hot air into the balloons.


The flights fly between 1000 and 2500 feet and the flights last about 3 to

3 ½  hours. Temecula finishes with a champagne breakfast followed by wine tasting tours of the local wineries. Del Mar has Champagne and snacks after the ride.


Balloon History


The first balloons were made by the Mongolfier brothers in 1740. They used paper from the family paper mill and a mixture of wet straw and chopped wool to make the fire for the hot air. Soon they were able to make balloons that could carry a group of people in a basket. Ballooning has only changed by the method of producing the hot air since the days of the Mongolfiers. Today balloons are state of the art with well seasoned pilots in command and a relaxing enjoyable time that is had by all.





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