Lake Hodges

Lake Hodges

Lake Hodges

Between the 805 freeway and the 5 freeway just to the northwest of the town of Rancho Bernardo is a lake called Hodges. It was named for the vice president of the Santa Fe railroad because he provided funding for the construction of the dam. The dam was constructed in 1918.





Size and Activities


Lake Hodges is 6.5 miles long and has 19 miles of shoreline. The surface area of the lake when full to capacity is 1234 acres. A 14.8 mile bike trail and a 3.8 mile bird watching trail complete the lake property. There is a marina and a small general store with a snack bar that is open on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. There is windsurfing from May to October. There is a boat launching ramp and a small boat launching fee. The lake has a speed limit of 20 mph.




Lake Hodges is a Global bird sanctuary which is the highest designation a sanctuary can have. It is in the flight path of all the winter and spring bird migrations and hundreds of birds have been sighted.


New Projects


Recently Lake Hodges was tied into Olivehain Reservoir by a tunnel and a 10 foot diameter pipeline. A 40 Mega watt pump and power station is under construction. The water level in the lake should remain constant now. Before the level went from overflowing in wet years to almost dried up in years of drought.




The Indians that lived along the river did not want the dam to be built because they said a monster that lived in the river would be angry. The monster was called Hodgee. When the dam was being built in 1918 there was property damage to construction equipment then there was numerous sightings from 1918 until the 1950’s of a very large dragon like creature. In 1956 tons of poison were dumped into the lake to supposedly kill of the carp that had taken over the lake. There were no more sightings after that.





The wildfires in 2007 burned much of the sagebrush, chaparral, and riparian oak that lined the shores. The area was cordoned off but it has already staged a remarkable comeback.


Lake Hodges is a nice place to enjoy the quiet solitude of the lake and the surrounding shoreline. Many large mansions on the mountains surrounding the lake have a breathtaking view. If you live in North San Diego county or even in San Diego, Lake Hodges is a local place to relax and spend a day.

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