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Casa Grande

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

Casa Grande mountain

Casa Grande mountain

We left Mexico behind and journeyed back to Arizona. Halfway between Phoenix and Tuscon is the town of Casa Grande. Named for the old ruins and the mountain in the distance, the town was originally named Terminus and was founded  in 1879. It was where the railroad ended.

Today Casa Grande is where interstate 8 ends as it merges into interstate 10. The first real growth of the town came in the 1930’s when the economic program called the New Deal funded a dairy and cotton farm collective. One of the towns founders was Thompson Rodney Peart. Peart Park, Peart road, and Peart Center are named after him.

In the last couple of decades the town has grown and become kind of a suburb to both Phoenix and Tuscon. Many people live in Casa Grande and commute to either Phoenix or Tuscon. Casa Grande now has a large outlet center on the south side of the town. Built on 100 acres of land there is over 1 million square feet of wholesale retail space.

In years past Casa Grande was the winter training ground for the San Francisco Giants. The Francison Grande hotel and Golf resort was where they trained. The hotel’s pool is shaped like a baseball bat and ball.

The area is arid desert and receives about 10 inches of rain a year. Temperatures are moderate in the winter High 65  low 38 in January and downright hot in the summer High 105 low 78 in July.

Average home prices are in the mid $200,000 range. Most are western ranch style homes.  Casa Grande has a small 2 runway airport about 5 miles north of town. The runways are 5200 ft in length and designated 5 and 23.

Casa Grande is beginning to come into its own and is a long way from the sleepy Interstate rest stop of 20 years ago. We spent about a day exploring the town and countryside. The women spent the day looking for bargains at the outlet center.

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