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Yuma Arizona

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

Yuma Railroad Bridge

Yuma Railroad Bridge

Yuma is a town of about 90,000 on the Arizona, California, Mexican border. The town was built at a natural crossing of the Colorado river. The original settlers were native Americans. The first Europeans to discover the are were Spanish explorers Hernando de Alarcon and Melchior Diaz in 1540. After Fort Yuma was built a town began. First it was called Colorado city then Arizona city before finally becoming Yuma in 1873.

The1850’sthrough the 1870’s brought a steamboat landing called steamboat crossing. Steamboats going up and down the Colorado river would stop there. Yuma was also the main military supply center for most of the forts in Arizona, Colorado,  New Mexico. The building called the Quartermaster Depot is now a museum.

The Southern Pacific railroad reached Yuma in the 1870’s and steamboat popularity began to decline.

Yuma holds the Guiness record for being the sunniest place on earth as well as one of the hottest. Average temperatures in July are 107 F ( 21 C ) The hottest temperature recorded of 124 F ( 51 C ) occurred on July 28 1995. The coldest temperature of 13 F ( -11 C ) occurred in January 2007. This wiped out nearly 95 % of the citrus crop for the year and permanently killed many of the trees especially the lemon trees. Yuma is also one of the driest cities with only about 3 inches of annual rainfall. In 1997 Hurricane Nora made landfall at the mouth of the Colorado river and followed the river north bringing over 3.5 inches of rain and knocking out power to most of Yuma.

There are approximately 90,000 people in Yuma and the city has a high unemployment rate of around 20 % due mostly to the fact that agriculture is a seasonal job. Only El Centro has a worse unemployment  rate of 26 %.

Historical buildings in Yuma include the Quartermaster Depot and the Territorial prison. The prison once held many of the most notorious outlaws of the territory. Yuma also has a Kilgren pipe organ at the Yuma theater. This was one of the most expensive and elaborate pipe organs ever built.

Yuma serves as a spring training ground for many different baseball teams. Even the Padres were here from 1969 to 1993.

The main natural attractions of Yuma are the sand dunes to the west and the Colorado river. Both are popular with the recreational vehicle crowd. Yuma is a nice place to visit but with the extreme heat in the summer and the lack of rain it is not a place that i would want to live in year around.

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