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Mount Hood

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Mount Hood

Mount Hood

Mount Hood is the northernmost stratovolcano in Oregon. It is approximately 50 miles ( 80 km) east southeast of Portland and at 11249 feet ( 3426 m) and snow covered is a prominent feature in the eastern horizon. the mountain is home to 12 different glaciers.

The mountain is still considered an active volcano although the last major eruption was about 1800 years ago. There have been several small eruptions in 1781, 1805, and 1907. There are several small vents near the top that vent sulfur dioxide and many minor earthquakes each year.

The first Europeans saw the mountain in 1792. Various explorers and engineers tried to guess the height of the mountain from 1854 to about 1867. They way overestimated the height with the worse guess belonging to a Mr Belden at 19,400 feet. the treeline on the western side is at 5500 feet while on the eastern side it is 7500 feet. Glaciers cover the mountain from 7500 feet to the top at 11249 feet and are measured at 5.2 square miles.

The mountain was named for British admiral Samuel Hood in 1792. The native American Indians call the mountain Wy’east. Indian folklore claims the mountains were markers for 2 Indian braves Wy’east, and Klickitat that fought over a beautiful Indian maiden Loowit. The two Indian braves burned forests and villages in their battle for the maiden. The gods became angry and killed all three of them turning the3 place where each fell into a mountain. Wy’east was Mount Hood, Klickitat was Mount Adams and Loowit was Mount St Helens.

Timberline lodge is at the 5500 foot level on the south side of Mount hood. This enormous lodge was built during the great depression as a WPA project. The lodge is located just below Palmer glacier. The lodge is the only year around ski lodge in North America. The road to the lodge is lined with marker poles so the snow plows can find the road after a snow storm. The poles get taller and taller the farther up the mountain that you go. The entrance to the lodge is through a Quonset hut type building. Once inside you can warm yourself by a multiple sided fireplace in the main lobby.

If you travel to Portland or upper Oregon, make sure you visit Mount Hood and Timberline lodge. You will be amazed at the size of the place and enjoy all the various exhibits, pictures and fine food. Stay at the lodge a few days and try your skills at skiing North America’s only year around ski slopes. If you visit in winter, enjoy looking out the window and finding snow all the way to the second floor.

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