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Borrego Springs a Jewel in the Desert

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

Borrego Springs

Borrego Springs

The little town of Borrego Springs sits in the western most corner of the Sonoran desert. You can reach the town by any of 4 roads. You can come down from the mountains and the little community of Ranchita on Montezuma Valley road. You can come from State route 78 and the town of Julian by either Yaqui Pass road or Borrego Springs road. You can come by way of the Salton Seaway from the Salton Sea.The way I normally arrive in Borrego Springs is Montezuma Valley Road from Ranchita.

The Town

Borrego Springs has a traffic circle with a nice little park in the middle. It is called Christmas Circle. The town has a population of about 2500. Even though the town is small in size it has many things to offer. It is Anza Borrego Park Headquarters. It has several nice hotels and an RV park. It has a grocery store, laundry, and several banks including Wells Fargo and Borrego Springs Bank. Borrego Springs Bank is the first Native American owned bank in California. The town has a public library and a branch of Palomar College. The town has a golf course, a public library, a performing arts center, and even a small airport.


In the past many movie stars came to Borrego Springs including Lon Chaney, Will Rogers, Bing Crosby, Burgess Meredith, John Wayne, James Arness, and Marilyn Monroe. Jayne Ann Krentz , a writer of more than 122 novels, was born there. The many movie stars visiting Borrego Springs needed a place to perform so the Performing Arts Center was built.


Borrego Springs is known for the grapefruit it produces. There is a Grapefruit festival every February. The town has many delightful little gift shops including Desert Outfitters. At Desert Outfitters you will find all the clothes and footwear for life in the desert.

The Strange

In July 1968, a prospector by the name of Harold Lancaster was out in the desert in a little canyon a short distance from town. He looked up from some rocks that he was checking and saw someone walking down the hill toward him. At first he thought it was another prospector but when he looked through his binoculars he saw a giant ape like creature. The creature saw Harold then ran off down the canyon. Maybe it was the heat of July or Harold’s imagination, but the canyon has been known ever since as Bigfoot canyon.


The clear desert night sky brings out more stars in the night than you can ever imagine. The evening brings cool relief from the heat of the day especially in summer. Life moves at a more leisurely pace in Borrego Springs than in the big city. The city does not even have a traffic light. The nearest traffic light is in El Centro more than 50 miles away. Borrego Springs is a great place to visit and a true desert dweller will want to live there.

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