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Monument Valley

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

Monument Valley

Monument Valley

Looking south on US 163 about 13 miles from the Arizona - Utah border suddenly giant sandstone

formations fill the horizon. The tallest of the formations rises more than a thousand feet above the valley floor. These formations were formed by geologic weathering over millions of years.

This is the four corners region of the desert. This is the area that the Navajo people call home. The Navajo call this the valley of the rocks. This is a place to come for quiet solitude. It is a place to admire the fantastic shapes and the millions of years that it has taken to weather these shapes into the forms that appear today.

The formations are stratified in three distinct layers. The floor of the canyon is organ rock shale, the middle layer is chelly sandstone, and the top layer is meonkopi shale topped off with shinarump siltstone. The valley includes many famous shapes  including the eye of the sun.

The plateau was mined for uranium, copper, and vanadian from 1948 to 1967. The valley has been featured in many movies and T V series like ” Back to the Future III” and ” MacGyver”.

The valley is the Navajo equivalent of a national park. At the visitor station you can pay a fee and drive on  a 17 mile ( 27 km) dirt road to view the fantastic shapes in the park. There are also guided tours and over night camping trips. You can also take a horseback tour or even a hot air balloon tour from May to October.

If you are spending the night , there are several places to stay. There is the View Motel on the rim of the canyon. The more adventuresome can stay at the Firetree Bed and Breakfast where each room is a traditional Navajo hogan. There are 3 campgrounds Bluff, Mexican Hat and Kayenta. There are also 3 other hotels, The Desert Rose in Bluff, the Hampton Inn in Kayenta, and the San Jaun Inn in Mexican Hat.

The whole park is a great place to get away from it all and a great place to recharge and relax.

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